Sportside is a global application which takes the hassle out of organising club activities in any sport, by connecting players, coaches and organisations to ensure smooth management of facilities, people and time. From creating events within the app and booking venues and equipment to make it happen in real life.


It acts as a team communication hub, noticeboard and kitty of subscriptions,shared by all levels of the club and allowing reports on time mangement, expenditure and arrears of subs to name but a few admin nightmares.


It rallies together players at the right venue or pick up point and ensures that they have transport and a driver in the same place at the same time. Sportside is a perfect match with KickOff@3 as Police Leads can set up the team environment in the app and give access to the players to create a buzz of plans and activity with which everyone is involved and up-to-date.


Training sessions can be booked and an electronic space provided for updates and ensuring that everyome has the current staus of any event or activity at their fingertips.By inviting other clubs into your team's virtual space a dynamic engagement is created ans organising a tournament is a case of messaging a few other teams who message their contacts and soon you have a multi-level competeiion up and running.


Best of all the new skills which Sportside provides within the club and training amongst colleagues for adult and youth individuals to potentially benefit them in introducing never before considered career opportunities in IT and business administration, with the accompanying support and encouragement.


In short, Sportside provides a high tech solution to encompass the old coach's notes, chasing overdue payments, dealing smoothly with financial and social events with ease and with maximum privacy and discretion. The soul of good business practice without everyone having to study complex new systems.


This is the start of a revolution in the organisation and adminstration of small grassroots clubs. Watch this space...