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The Metropolitan Police Black Police Association




The Metropolitan Black Police Association (MetBPA) was formed in September 1994 and came at a time when Black and Asian Officers and Staff were a rarity and underrepresented in the MPS in the areas of Rank and Specialism.


The MetBPA endeavours to improve the working environment of black personnel within the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) and the community. These aims will be achieved by:




  • Providing a support network for black personnel
  • Working towards improved relations between the police and the black community
  • Working with London's black youth to create young leaders and role models. 
  • Assisting recruitment and reducing staff wastage 
  • Proactively assist in the development and enhancement of MPS policy and strategy 
  • Providing a social network 
  • Working more closely with other staff associations and unions 

*Definition of Black - The term black does not relate to skin colour but is used to describe all people of African, African Caribbean or Asian origin.


The Association continues to be the communication tool and conduit for change, growth and development in an established organisation that seeks our input, point of reference and support. Our relationship within the MPS is one that provides and encourages constant dialogue on matters that affect us all. The MetBPA look toward to an inclusive and integrated relationship, where the objectives that we share with the wider Policing Community contribute to and enhance an improved and evolving MPS. 


The Metropolitan Black Police Association have been supporting ‘KickOff@3’ since its inception and continue to endorse their efforts to bring young people, communities and police together through the medium of sports, music and spoken word. 

Dr Angela Herbert MBE- Inside Out Solutions


Director of Inside Out Solutions 

Dr Angela Herbert MBE began a public sector career over 30 years ago as a volunteer and employee of the Criminal Justice System. She is a qualified teacher and trainer and has an MSc in Education Management, a Ba (hons) in Education and Training and a Professional Doctorate in Prison Education. She boasts a number of attainments including competence assessor, internal and external verifier, post graduate degree in educational mentoring and coaching, and is a licenced transformational coach.


Angela uses her hugely successful coaching model evaluated by Manchester University due to the evident changes observed in her coaches, following their 6-session coaching journey with her.

She is an acclaimed public speaker specialising in social justice, promoting equality and opportunities to support the most ‘marginalised’ members of society. 


Angela is an ambassador for the BAME community, as a Board member of the Prisoners Education Trust; Chair of the Brent Police Independent Advisory Group and Co-Chair of an independent Violent Crime Prevention Board.


Angela is a published author who uses literary skill and her voice to challenge, inequality and support initiatives that practically promote inclusivity and opportunity. Kick Off@3 is one such intervention that she firmly supports, as the founders, Michael and Ashley encapsulates passion for change, aspiration and hope for future generations.  


The National Black Police Association

Tola Munro, President of the National Black Police Association, spoke to us about his involvement with KickOff@3. Here is what he says. 


Policing is about helping people - usually this is in the context of them being victims of crime. However helping also includes explaining what we do and why we do it, preventing crime and giving people opportunities they wouldn't otherwise experience.


Although the causes of crime are complex, it sometimes takes something as simple as finding what makes people tick, what interests them, something that is positive, focusing on that rather than the negative and building enduring relationships.


KickOff@3 does that, it helps young men and women focus on sports, and poetry and giving blood to help others - to look up, rather than to look down. KickOff@3 is a force for good that is so much more than football, and yet as simple as the game itself. It has the power to change lives and that is why I and the National Black Police Association are supporting it.

Striking Places Commercial Photography

Striking Places commercial photography, google street view inside, virtual tours, event photography

How did Striking Places Commercial Photography get involved with KickOff@3?


After supporting their charity event in December 2017 Striking Places was delighted to be asked by Michael and Ashley to produce quality imagery for the KickOff@3 initiative to help spread word of this amazing project.

Striking Places is a specialist commercial photography business which is dedicated to creating high quality images for location based businesses throughout the UK and beyond.

Striking Places is Google accredited and has been extending Street View inside for local businesses since 2012!  Striking Places has worked with some fantastic businesses from globally recognised iconic buildings to local independent traders and businesses of all shapes and sizes from a myriad of sectors

professional commercial photographer Jo Hailey from Striking Places photography

The MD and lead commercial photographer, Jo Hailey is no stranger to supporting good causes and has previously supported other causes such as:

 CEO Sleepout; Jo slept out overnight on 31st October 2016 to help highlight the plight of the homeless.

Jo also  raised both awareness and funds for Transitions UK a charity that supports disadvantaged youths in Herts, Beds, Bucks and North London. Jo organised a charity ball and trekked to Machu Picchu on the Inca Trail in Peru in May 2017.

We're delighted to have Striking Places Photography appointed as the official photographers for all the KickOff@3 tournaments and the grand finale for 2018.

Photographs will be available to buy from Striking Places Photography Shop after each event. Profits from sales of photographs and other photographic work resulting from relationships that come about from the KickOff@3 initiative will be donated back into the social enterprise.

We are also delighted that our sports photographer Carol Moir will be joining us for some of the London events. Some of Carol’s fantastic event photography can be viewed Striking Place's sports gallery. You can find Carol on Twitter and Instagram

Success Matters Business Support

Success Matters, helping you earn a living doing what you love, start up marketing, business advice, coaching and training helps people earning a living, doing what they love!  It provides business coaching, training to people starting their own businesses, helping them create effective, profitable and low cost business and marketing strategies. 

Claire Boyles, Start Up Marketing expert, business coach, online marketing consultant, Success Matters Founder

The Founder of Success Matters, Claire Boyles created this website for Kick-Off@3 using a low cost, effective website builder- Jimdo


Claire has been working with businesses as an independent Business Coach, and online marketing consultant since 2008.  She only works with businesses who support people in being happy, healthy or wealthy. 


Having had the benefit of Princes Trust personal development programme in her early twenties, she understands just how much projects like Kick-Off@3 can change lives, and she loves helping people change their lives! 


THRIVE Programme


KickOff@3 is delighted to have The THRIVE Programme on board as one of our sponsors. 


The THRIVE programme has the same ethos as the KickOff@3 initiative around health & well-being and spreading awareness of mental health.



Rob Kelly, CEO of The THRIVE Programme, is a firm believer in our KickOff@3 initiative and what we are trying to achieve throughout the UK and beyond.

EYES on St Albans

Optician EYE on St Albans

EYES on St Albans is St Albans favourite opticians with great customer service and a wide range of stylish frames.


Jez Levy says: Here at EYES on St Albans we love to have our EYES on all the amazing community projects that St Albans locals love to champion and get involved with. 


KickOff@3/TipOff@3 is a brilliant initiative that will have a long lasting impact for generations to come.


We're very proud to support this life changing and crime reducing initiative.

The Businesses Community St Albans


We are very happy to support Michael and Ashley and the whole of the Kick Off @ 3 Team. At The Businesses

Community, we are all about just that - Community! Working together to help and support each other!

We know that in business and in life it is vital to network, collaborate, support and communicate and that’s exactly what Kick Off @ 3 do!

Working to break down barriers in communication with community and youth engagement, Kick Off @ 3 are bringing people together through sport, music and lots of fun initiatives.

TBC are proud supporters!