Charities benefit from KickOff@3

Charities benefit from KickOff@3 tournaments

KickOff@3 is big on charities! Using sport, music and spoken word in events throughout the country, KickOff@3 donates all the contributions from participating teams to a local charity. Here we'd like to celebrate those charities who have benefited over the years and provide some words from them about their experience working alongside the KickOff@3 team.


KickOff@3 raised money for Solving Kids' Cancer and High Five for Ollie in their 2019 tournament.


A spokes person from Solving Kids' Cancer said:

Enfield & Haringey

Haven House Children's Hospice was the chosen charity for the Enfield & Haringey tournament in 2019. The local police force have close links with this charity and wanted to help raise much needed funds for them. A spokesperson from Haven said:




What do we know about how much The Camden Society loves KickOff@3?


The ACLT charity has been supported by KickOff@3 since the initiative began. Not only has the charity benefited financially from this arrangement but last year one of the players was found to be a match for someone needing a bone marrow transplant.


Halton Haven Hospice was the charity of choice for the Bedfordshire tournament this year.


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Embrace charity supports child victims of crime. The funds raised at the Bedfordshire tournament went towards supporting those young people who have suffered from crime.






PIPS in Northern Ireland. A great tournament with much needed funds going to PIPS. 




Close to the hearts of the Suffolk Constabulary is the YMCA. Representatives from the YMCA were there on the day and were pleased to report:



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Essex Constabulary chose Only Cowards Carry as their nominated charity for the 2019 tournament because....