What is KickOff@3?

A collaborative initiative set up by passionate men who wish to engage young people, using sport, music and other imaginative ideas to spread awareness.

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KickOff@3 was created by Michael Wallace and Ashley Levien.

 Michael Wallace is a serving Police Officer who works in Community and Youth Engagement and is passionate about supporting youth and community initiatives outside work too. 

He understands how important connection and relationships are with vulnerable young people, sports can provide stability they might not get elsewhere. 


Ashley Levien runs Suberbos Community which is a social inclusion organisation that delivers free initiatives in the London Borough of Barnet. Ashley also volunteers in the community mentoring youths and contributing to charity work.  Ashley has dedicated his professional career, and much of his time outside to support young people in getting involved in activities which they see the benefit of for the rest of their lives. 



In 2017 Michael and Ashley devised a plan to establish firm, long lasting relationships between young people and their local police force as a youth diversion strategy and named it KickOff@3.



The project engages with young people through the medium of sports and music and raises awareness and funds for a range of charities that promote health and well-being in young people.



New fundraising drive launched!

To help KO continue their work for 2020 and to move forward with our journey we need to raise funds to help us with core costs.

We are delighted & humbled that one of our volunteers is helping us with this so please take a moment and press the button below for details of our new crowdfunding page. Please show your support by donating if you can or sharing with your friends, families and communities. 


Thank you! Michael and Ashley. 


First recorded KickOff@3 press coverage?

Here's a little throwback for everyone on a dreary October Monday...it warms the heart.

Unearthed fortuitously by Michael, this article looks like a case of the usual suspects - Michael and Ashley front and centre, looking to pull music, football and charitable awareness together with seeking opportunities to promote the safety, wellbeing and success of young people.

Right there with them is Verity Bramwell of OLLIE Foundation, a suicide prevention charity supported by KickOff@3 publicity and fundraising to this day, and furthermore, fellow nominees for last week's the St Albans Comminity Champion Award. (See below).

Never let it be said that we aren't loyal supporters of the causes we espouse, rather they become part of our family...

St Albans Community Business Awards - Community Champion 2019 Sponsored by St Michael's Manor Hotel

Thursday 10th October saw KickOff@3 pitted against 2 of our 'Community Friends' for the St Albans Community Business Awards 2019.

We were pleased and proud to be in such talented and altruistic company. The video above shows the nominees describing their work and their passions.  We admire and collaborate with both Lee and Verity, who are considered part of the KickOff@3 family, and are proud to report that Lee Woods, the man responsible for our amazing finale banners was the ultimate winner on the night.

We look forward to working with both Verity and Lee for many years to come.

Aged 16-22? Hoping to develop organisational, management, mentoring, coaching and engagement skills to complement your degree or career progression? Love football and other sports? This could be the opportunity of a lifetime.


Kickoff@3 are excited to announce that we are looking for Youth Ambassadors to volunteer across the UK pioneering our new mentoring scheme for the 2020 season. Please send a brief email to 'connect@kickoffat3.co.uk' expressing the reasons for your interest, relevant experience, what you hope to teach others and learn about yourself.

If selected to progress to the interview stage we will ask you to complete a form tailored to showcase your relevant skills, attitudes and experience.

Good luck!


The traditional KickOff@3 Circle of Silence beautifully observed in Belfast

Young people of Belfast, the Irish FA, local Police and KickOff@3 representatives form a Circle of Silence, remembering those who have lost their lives to knife and hate crime. Unlike tournaments in England, and due to the singular history of the nation, the focus here is more complex and pervades society and local politics as a whole.


Generally knife crime is driven by fear and self-protection, Northern Ireland, however, is a uniquely troubled community historially based on religious grounds further complicated by racial diversity. Our first tournament in the province gave us an opportunity to learn by participating in a day dedicated to learning what we have in common rather than that which divides us, changing hearts and minds from this generation onward.


The current focus for Police Service NI and its partners is to address hate crime over sectarianism. KickOff@3 will continue to support their tireless focus on changing the old narrative into a legacy of peace and tolerance.


May 2017 brought the first ever KickOff@3 tournaments

Changing the narrative. Police and youngsters reducing crime together.



This newspaper clipping is from The Voice reporting on one of our first Kickoff@3 charity football tournaments, hosted in Bromley Borough in April 2017. Rob Godwin was the first person to commit to delivering the Kickoff@3 ethos and from the very start Police Leads and young players garnered such positive engagement that match days  influenced a noticable reducation in violent crime. Approximately 200 gathered at Crystal Palace Sports Centre to take part or support our new venture.

The Metropolitan Black Police Assocation were staunch supporters then as now and ACLT still have a high profile presence. As detailed in this article, Leukemia sufferer Delroy Anglin, appealed to the youngsters to volunteer for testing as potential donors. ACLT's profile has grown exponentially over the last 2 years and the donor database is still expanding.

Two years later...

Co-founder Michael Wallace and Rob met recently for a cuppa and catch up. Rob now works in Tower Hamlets & will be delivering  Kickoff@3 for the first time in that East London Borough next year.

Altruistic Leukemia sufferer, Delroy found his life-saving donor and here's how well he looks these days...

Kickoff@3 invited by The Sport and Recreation Alliance to present details of our work to senior sports leaders.


Our co-founder, Michael Wallace had the honour of speaking on our ethos and the positive impact of our work at a Sport and Recreation Alliance event in London on 25th September.


He was in distinguished company including Dr Jaqueline Sebire, Assistant Chief Constable of Bedfordshire Police and NPCC Serious Violence Lead and His Royal Highness, The Earl of Wessex. 

Who wants to be a Referee?

Our Ambassador, newly retired Premier League referee, Roger East is pictured here with a young man who competed in KickOff@3's Daniel De Gale cup on 7 July 2019. Nothing unusual there, right?

Well, maybe a little - you see this isn't just the wise ref dispensing advice to a keen young player, neither is it a word to the wise about a naughty incident on the pitch.

You see he aspires to follow in Roger's footsteps, as a professional referee, and luckily, Roger's only too pleased to support, mentor and guide him through the challenges ahead. This is an inspirational show of unity across generations, helping the youth to prosper and thrive whilst avoiding the pitfalls and we plan for this to be the first of many varied partnerships.

There are so many opportunities within the beautiful game besides being a player, in these enlightened times both sexes have the chance to emulate Roger, working through the ranks to Premier League Referee (see Roger's biography on our Ambassador tab) or taking their coaching badges and one day manage club or country.

KickOff@3 continues to seek mentors, job and educational opportunties for our young people and will share any news we have on this page.



A little reminder of a lovely summer day.... featuring Marcus Gayle and Paul Cannoville

Winners of the Grassroots Project of the Year Award 2019

Daniel De-Gale Cup Final 2019



We are delighted that Kick Off @3 has been nominated for 2 upcoming awards. 


Grassroots Project of the year 2018/2019 by MFA- 6/9/19


Community Champion Award 2019 - St Albans Chamber of Commerce - 10/10/10


Photo credit - PS Photography.





Congratulations to 'Lambeth Spartans FC'


We are very proud of how far this team has come. 

Fantastic skills on the pitch & true team spirit. 


Gallery for the 2019 finale 









Congratulations to 'Soccer Shop Window'

Outstanding sportsmanship & team spirit throughout the tournament. 


Gallery for the 2019 finale


Huge thanks to Ric Flo for writing U.N.I.T.Y. and producing a video especially for the Kick Off @3 finale on 7/7/19!

Ric Flo, is a Rapper, Graphic Designer, Immigrant, Black British Citizen and former foster child. Now, a talented musician forming part of Jungle Brown, Ric wants to give back. He runs Rap Therapy Workshops with foster kids and views it his mission to help misfits feel more at home.

Find out more about Ric & his work here www.aboycalledric.com


KickOff@3 Planning Meeting

October 2018 at the Warren

KickOff@3 Planning Meeting

March 2018 at the Warren

Videos featuring KickOff@3

KickOff@3 Finale 2018 at The Warren Metropolitan Police Sports Club

KickOff@3 Colourful Radio Interview

Latino/American teams in Southwark for the KickOff@3 2018 Tournament

Michael Wallace initiating the Circle of Silence at the Bedford 2019 tournament

Michael Wallace initiating the Circle of Silence at the Ipswich 2019 tournament

Michael Wallace talking about KickOff@3 to Rootz TV

ITV News footage from Cheshire KickOff@3 2019

Michael Wallace initiating the Circle of Silence Cheshire 2019

Invitation to KickOff@3 Bedfordshire

KickOff@3 Interviews Hertfordshire 2018

London Live | Football with a purpose

Tackling Gangs: Can Football Save our Streets?

UFF Football | Michael Wallace

Tricks - No Help [Official Music Video]

A very positive song that was written by TRICKS for the KICKOFF@3 football and music event In loving memory of John McCann

The Same As You | Tricks ft Elise

The Same As You was written by Tricks RTB specially for Kickoff@3 to address Mental Health.

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